Looking for short-term storage or long-term storage for your vehicle?

Look no further than Carriage House Vehicle Storage

Carriage House Vehicle Storage is a one-stop shop for short-term storage and long-terms storage in Miami.  With a variety of storage plans that include maintenance packages, we have a service to fit most every vehicle storage need.  Not a resident of Miami?  No problem!  We also offer services for individuals who do not live in Miami, but who need to store their car in the city.  We can even pick you up and take you to the airport or deliver your car to local locations.

Storage Services:

  • Short-term storage: In Miami for a short period of time?  Moving?  We offer short-term storage packages with maintenance add-on services available. Contact us for rates.
  • Long-term storage: Maybe you’ve been holding off on purchasing that collectable car you’ve always dreamed of owning because you have nowhere to store it.  Don’t let storage be a concern any longer.  Our climate controlled facility, service packages and competitive rates are just what you need.  Contact us for your custom quote.
  • Hard top storage: We will store you vehicle’s hard top in our climate controlled facility.

Free Services:

  • Dust: Your car will stay covered and therefore be protected from dirt and dust.
  • Air Tires/Pressure check: We will check your tires for proper air pressure.
  • Check lights: With our regular light check-ups, you will never take your car for a drive or to a show and discover that a light is out.

*Free services are performed once a month.

Add-on Maintenance Services:

  • Fluids Checked: We’ll help you keep everything under the hood up-to-date with services like our “fluids check.”
  • Battery Check and Charge: There’s nothing worse than getting in your car and realizing the battery is dead.  We will check your battery and charge it if needed. We can also put on a long term trickler charger.
  • Quick Pick-Up Check: This service is one of our most popular deals.  It includes check-up and maintenance on fluids, dust, fuel, tires, and clean windows.
  • Start and Run: Carriage House will keep your motor running with our “start and run” service.
  • Fill Up: Keep your fuel fresh and your engine happy. We will fill up your vehicle for you.
  • Fuel Conditioning for Long Term Storage: Cars in storage for long-term need to take additional maintenance precautions, especially when it comes to fuel.  We offer fuel condition services for long term storage.
  • Take for Service: We will take your car in for service to your preferred service provider.
  • Wash and Wax: There’s no need to worry about keeping your vehicle looking its best.  We offer a hand wash and wax service as well as a basic interior cleaning and a full wash and wax.
  • Detailing: Your car deserves the works.  Let us detail it for you before you take it out for your next ride or to the next car show.
  • Custom Detailing: This service includes custom detail of truck, engine clean-up, wash, wax, door panels, dashboards, seats, and polish chrome.
  • Leather Care: Help keep your vehicle’s leather in pristine condition with our “leather care” service.
  • Special wheel clean/wire wheels: Wheels can make a huge difference in the appearance of your care; they are also one of the most time consuming facets of the vehicle to clean.  Carriage House will give your wheels the works.

Additional Services:

  • Pick-up and Drop-off: We know you’re busy.  For added convenience, Carriage House Vehicle Storage will arrange for pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle.
  • Car Covers: Add extra protection for your vehicle with a car cover.
  • Storage bubbles: Take your storage protection to the next level with storage bubbles.
  • Storage Shelves/Bins: Store your accessories in our storage shelves and bins.
  • Shipping Arrangement: Need to ship your car to us or somewhere else? We will arrange it for you.
  • Auto Sales: Service is free of charge.
  • Event Preparation: We will help you eliminate prevent stress by helping you prepare your vehicle for its next car show.

*We will also arrange for:

  • Ding and Dent Removal
  • Window Tinting
  • Alarm and Audio Visual
  • Appraisals
  • Flatbed Pick Ups

*All of these services are per provider’s cost.index_1946_anglia1